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Motorcycle tour Fuerteventura with instructor


Discover the wilderness of the southern part of Fuerteventura on a motorcycle Enduro tour with a Polish experienced instructor.
Whether you already ride Enduro or have ridden a road motorcycle so far, or maybe this will be your first time on a motorcycle, we are sure you will have a great time.
We don't have a minimum number of participants policy, if it's just you, we won't cancel your trip, we'll just enjoy it for two.
Gain new skills for an epic adventure in Fuerteventura.
Enjoy riding in are different trails, from easy to difficult, suitable for every level of rider, and enjoy exciting off-road riding on each of them.



We ride on:

  • Honda CRF 250 and 300 cc (A2/ A category required)
  • Beta 125 RR 4T
  • Rieju Marathon 125 Pro (this vehicle can be ridden without a category A license, you must have a car license - category B for at least three years)


The Enduro tour in Fuerteventura price includes:
-complete Enduro equipment including protectors
-helmet and gloves
-rescue insurance
-training and care of a Polish-speaking guide
-water and coffee

The base and starting point of the tours is near the village of La Pared.

The tour is designed for people who are at least 25 years old. Those between the ages of 21 and 24 can take it after purchasing extended insurance.


Experience a great adventure in Fuerteventura motorcycle tours


Participating in a motorcycle tour in Fuerteventura offers an exhilarating and unique adventure for several compelling reasons. Firstly, navigating the island's diverse terrain on a motorcycle allows for an immersive experience, providing a closer connection to the breathtaking landscapes, including pristine beaches and volcanic formations. The freedom of riding a motorcycle enables a flexible and personalized exploration of Fuerteventura's hidden gems and cultural landmarks. Moreover, the thrill of cruising through winding roads and scenic routes enhances the overall sense of adventure.

1 hour | 100EUR.

2 hours | 160EUR


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